Infrastructure Support Services

IT infrastructure issues often stem from having developed a hardware environment that is not best suited for the business, creating weaknesses in operational effectiveness. Companies need to have a well-organized strategy in place when setting up their business’ computing infrastructure.

No Cookie Cutter Solutions

Inispace assists South Florida businesses with the implementation and management of a coordinated, efficient, and dynamic computing infrastructure that accounts for the unique needs of your business to take your company where you need it to go. Our infrastructure strategy consists of several variables that are designed to provide organizations with a clean and dynamic computing infrastructure.

  • Server Room Design
  • Server Rack Design
  • Battery Backups
  • Redundant Data Backups
  • Cabling and Wiring Management
  • Cloud Solutions

Talk to an Infrastructure support expert at Inispace today about whether your IT Infrastructure is providing the right solution for your business.



At Inispace, our goal is to form long-term relationships with our clients by providing professional services for their IT operations, networks, telecommunications, computers, and user needs. We help our clients increase their revenue while also reducing their overhead costs by providing custom technology solutions that allow them to be their best.  By leveraging new technology that is more efficient, reliable, and secure we’re able to help our clients get the best performance from their existing equipment

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