Get Control of Your Printers

Does your office have multiple copiers and printers? Do you understand the costs associated with running and maintaining your existing printer infrastructure? Multi-Function Copiers and Printers can be one of the biggest cost waste areas of a business. And with multiple printers on your network it becomes that much more difficult to keep track of your organization’s printing costs.

Inispace has been helping South Florida businesses to cut costs and gain greater insight into their printing use. By installing a company-wide print server, network administrators can manage which users have access to network printers and configure customized rules per user to meet each person’s needs on the network.

Are You Sure Your Printers Are Right for Your Business?

Often times older equipment costs more to use in paper, ink, toner, repairs and wasted time than a newer unit would. Inispace will review your printing equipment infrastructure to help you understand where you are lacking efficiencies and provide you with a more economical alternative.

Security and Accountability

Targeting printers on a network is an often overlooked tactic used by hackers. Inispace Print Servers provide your business with an extra level of security that will stop access to your printers and the sensitive information saved on them.
Print Management also keeps valid users accountable for what they print. A print server can tell you what files are printed from what user and keep control of unnecessary and non-work related printing costs.



At Inispace, our goal is to form long-term relationships with our clients by providing professional services for their IT operations, networks, telecommunications, computers, and user needs. We help our clients increase their revenue while also reducing their overhead costs by providing custom technology solutions that allow them to be their best.  By leveraging new technology that is more efficient, reliable, and secure we’re able to help our clients get the best performance from their existing equipment

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