Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

Have you ever found your business in a bind caused by a problem with technology? Chances are the answer is yes. Inispace offers South Florida businesses with remote monitoring and maintenance solutions to troubleshoot and fix technology issues when they arise and keep your hardware and software solutions up to date and running at peak levels.

We Get Ahead of Problems

With Inispace’s proactive remote monitoring solutions, we can detect potential issues in your organization’s IT infrastructure allowing us to repair and resolve issues before problems arise. Additionally, we can prevent most instances of downtime by actively monitoring your network’s activity so when IT problems arise, we’re often able to resolve the issues before you know they exist.

Affordable Solutions

Too often, technology issues become operational and budgetary nightmares. This happens when your business isn’t anticipating issues like hardware failure. Problems like these can easily be prevented with proper upkeep and maintenance. Small and medium-sized businesses have difficulty justifying the expense of hiring an internal IT department. This is where Inispace can help.

Inispace provides your business with remote management at an affordable fixed rate, handling the upkeep and maintenance of your mission-critical systems and acting as your internal IT department.



At Inispace, our goal is to form long-term relationships with our clients by providing professional services for their IT operations, networks, telecommunications, computers, and user needs. We help our clients increase their revenue while also reducing their overhead costs by providing custom technology solutions that allow them to be their best.  By leveraging new technology that is more efficient, reliable, and secure we’re able to help our clients get the best performance from their existing equipment

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